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17 Exciting New Courses Coming Fall 2024

17 Exciting New Courses Coming Fall 2024

Mercy Academy is excited to announce the addition of 17 new courses for the 2024-2025 school year. These additions supplement our already diverse curriculum, covering multiple areas of study.

"In implementing these new courses, we integrated students' specific requests with skills needed by the workplaces of tomorrow, as identified by local businesses and industries," said principal Dr. Cynthia Smith-Ough. "We are thrilled to offer an even more well-rounded curriculum for Mercy Academy students in the upcoming school year, equipping them with the skills to succeed in a dynamic and ever-changing world."

In the area of Business, students can delve into personal finance, leadership skills, medical office procedures and marketing design. Courses such as Business Finance & Investments cover essential topics such as stocks, bonds and real estate, while Leadership Development focuses on interpersonal and team-building skills. Medical Office Procedures introduces students to medical terminology and administrative tasks and Adobe InDesign and Multi-Media Marketing and Design courses offer practical, hands-on experience with industry-standard software and digital marketing techniques.

In English, new courses include Short Stories, where students explore a variety of genres and authors, and Film Studies, which introduces cinematic analysis and film appreciation. The Visual Arts department is expanding with courses such as Digital Photography, Ceramics 2 and Ceramics 3, each offering advanced techniques and creative projects. Performing Arts now features Pop/Rock 101, focusing on contemporary musicianship and songwriting, and Playwriting, which nurtures storytelling skills.

Mathematics sees the addition of Mathematical Explorations and Probability, while new Science courses include Transition 2 Engineering and the GEA 2-Day Work Study in partnership with GE Appliances in Louisville, providing practical engineering experience and career development. IN the Social Studies department, Social Psychology examines motivation, emotion, stress and social influence on behavior.

"At Mercy Academy, we strive to provide a holistic education that cultivates critical thinkers capable of demonstrating their understanding in ways that transcend repeating facts and figures. These diverse new courses reflect our commitment to that objective," said Mercy Academy president Becky Montague. "We are eager to see our students challenged and inspired by the material in these new courses, and we look forward to witnessing the discovery of new passions that will unfold."

Click here for more information about Mercy's robust course offerings.