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Dining Included in Tuition

Dining Included in Tuition

Mercy has announced that through a new partnership with FLIK Independent School Dining (FISD), lunch will be included in the tuition package starting in the 2024-2025 school year.

Through the partnership, FLIK will accommodate all dietary needs and food allergies for students. The partnership aims to relieve the pressures of meal planning, packing lunches and re-loading money on to lunch accounts, and also to foster healthy relationships with food and create fun, connective experiences for students.

The new all-inclusive dining model offers a range of benefits aimed at enhancing the dining experience for students. Adopting an "eat as much as you should" model, it encourages students to make healthy choices while allowing them to return for additional servings as needed, thus promoting both portion control and satisfaction. The meals are prepared daily using fresh, sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring high quality and environmental responsibility.

"We believe that prioritizing fellowship over a shared meal will further bolster a sense of community among students," said Mercy Academy president Becky Montague. "The Bible teaches us that partaking in a meal together is a fundamental method through which relationships are formed, strengthened, and cherished, fostering connections with both God and fellow individuals. Lunchtime at Mercy is an important occasion for students to gather, enjoy delicious and nutritious meals and strengthen bonds, mirroring the Biblical tradition of breaking bread together.

The new partnership also features a daily hot entree meal, along with customizable deli and salad stations, providing flexibility and personalized options. Homemade soups and desserts further enrich the culinary offerings, while milk, water, and flavored waters from the "Waterworks" selection ensure hydration needs are met.

"Our commitment extends to providing top-quality meals to our partner schools while simultaneously educating students about healthy eating habits and introducing them to a diverse array of foods," said Don McNeil, FISD Regional Vice President.