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Kaylin Drury: Senior Reflection

Kaylin Drury: Senior Reflection

Home. It's a simple word but yet holds so much meaning to Mercy Girls. If one were to ask any Mercy girl at the moment, whether it be a former Mercy student who came back to teach, a current Mercy student, or even an alumna to describe Mercy in one word, the majority of them would likely say home. According to the Oxford dictionary, home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. But for many, home is 5801 Fegenbush Lane.

It's a place where comfort is not only felt, but where one thrives in that environment. It's a place where individuals can walk in and find their community. A place where hours can be spent talking about interests without judgment. A place where each teacher passed in the hall who knows names and asks about days. When walking through those red doors, one knows they are in the right place and that they belong. One knows that a place is their home when they are comfortable enough to be their true selves because they know they will receive definitive acceptance.

These past four years have been spent watching our home growing and welcoming new women, but regardless of the year, there hasn't been a moment where Mercy didn't feel like the place to learn. With a student body of 500, it's a closer-knit community, fostering a "family" bond. Mercy has allowed connections to be formed with girls from every class level, whether through clubs, sports, or shared time, and Mercy has become a place to build memories with others while simply allowing individuals to be themselves. During this time at Mercy, it has been found that a home is not built by bricks or cement, but with the bond of a family.

Furthermore, home is more than just a place. Home is a feeling. Even if Mercy was not on 5801 Fegenbush Lane, it would still be home to so many, because Mercy provides that feeling of belonging and contentment. Mercy Academy has teachers that welcome with open arms and treat with compassion, while supporting through every step of the way. There are few places one can go where acceptance and welcome are automatic, like Mercy. For the past four years, halls have been walked daily that are filled with laughter, friendship and love. Classrooms have been sat in where knowledge has grown, excellence achieved, and potential realized. Firsthand, relationships have been witnessed between teachers, students, and staff.

As preparations are made for the next step, leaving our home will be hard, but it is also known that Mercy has allowed gains in ways never dream possible. If a message could be left for the lovely Class of 2024, it would be that no matter what happens in life and where it takes you, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind, witnessed firsthand with the empathy and grace seen at Mercy. Take the kindness seen these past four years and apply it to daily life. Making others smile and feel at "home" is the best way of living like a Mercy girl. Never be afraid to be the first one to smile or welcome someone, celebrate with those found along the way, enjoy every moment, and remember if all else fails, there will always be a home waiting on 5801 Fegenbush Lane.