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Welcome to Mercy!

Our Mercy creed culminates with a powerful line that states, “a woman of Mercy is able to lead and willing to serve.” It is a philosophy that we strive to instill in each student by the time she graduates, and it is a philosophy that we, as educators, aim to embody every day. 

Over the course of your student’s time at Mercy, she will grow into a confident and compassionate young woman as we challenge her to experience things outside of her comfort zone, encourage her to take risks, and allow her to be imperfect and vulnerable. Mercy will guide her in these endeavors, while also leading her to discover her own autonomy. Every experience and academic opportunity will play a pivotal role in her journey toward acquiring the core values a Mercy education strives for each student to achieve: a voice for dignity and respect, principled leadership and educational courage, while being compelled by Mercy and inspired by faith. 

Mercy provides our students with outstanding instructors, modern technology and innovative curriculum. Small class sizes allow our students and teachers to connect on a deeper level, and the personalized attention each student receives allows her to showcase her individual strengths. Our 1:1 iPad program and state-of-the-art technology provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for college, and our performance-based curriculum pushes them to apply critical thinking and real-life problem-solving skills to all their coursework.

Mercy Academy was the first all-girls STEM-certified school in the nation, and we didn’t stop there. We continue to pave the way in all our academic disciplines. But, the best part is that our students learn in a warm, comfortable and supportive environment that they call their home away from home. That is the Mercy difference. That is what sets us apart. 

In Mercy,

Becky Wise Montague '91

Karen Alpiger
Interim Principal

“No work of charity can be more productive to the good of society than the careful instruction of young women.” – Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy