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Welcome to Mercy!

As educators, we understand how important our role is in your student's life, and we never take this responsibility for granted. We realize you are trusting us with your most precious gift, and we are committed to helping her grow into a more confident and compassionate young woman. We will challenge her to experience things that are difficult and outside of her comfort zone, and we will encourage her to take risks, be imperfect and be vulnerable. We will ask her to be up for something bigger than herself, so that she is one day able to change the world.

As our Foundress, Mother Catherine McAuley of the Sisters of Mercy, said, “No work of charity can be more productive to the good of society than the careful instruction of young women.”

At Mercy, we are dedicated to living out Catherine McAuley’s vision every day. We believe that exceptionally educated women are the future of our world, and that, if instructed well, they will discover their passions and strengths to advance our society professionally, spiritually and systemically. 

We provide our students with the best instructors, innovative technology and curriculum, paving the way for their successful futures. Our small class sizes allow our students and teachers to connect on a deeper level. The personalized attention each young woman receives allows her to showcase her individual strengths. Our 1:1 iPad program, Swivl Robots and other state-of-the-art technology provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for college, and our performance-based curriculum pushes them to apply critical thinking and real-life problem-solving skills to all their coursework.

Not only are we able to provide this extraordinary college-preparatory curriculum, but we are proud to be able to do so in an environment that our students call their home away from home. Our Mercy family is unbreakable, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

In Mercy,

Becky Wise Montague '91