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Why Mercy?

Mercy Academy is a Catholic high school that welcomes young ladies of all faith backgrounds. We believe in educating and empowering young women to be successful well beyond their four years of high school. Each student is encouraged to be herself and share her unique views to contribute to classroom collaboration. Our caring teachers, innovative approach to learningsmall class sizesbeautiful campus and Christ-centered values are what set Mercy apart from other schools in the Louisville area.


Our dedicated teachers love coming to Mercy every day to shape student-learning. They invigorate students to challenge themselves academically and achieve their full potential. Students describe their teachers as "compassionate, friendly, connected, approachable, helpful" and "like they could almost be their friends."


Mercy’s innovative approach to learning allows our students to demonstrate their knowledge through hands-on tasks that relate to real-world situations. At the heart of performance-based learning is collaboration between students, as well as between students and teachers. Our students are taught to be critical thinkers who can showcase what they learn, rather than just reiterate facts and figures, and Mercy provides them with a safe space to self-reflect and continuously improve.

SMALL School, big opportunities:

With a student population around 500, Mercy is able to offer an individualized experience in the classroom while also providing extensive extra-curricular, leadership, travel and athletic opportunities. Our average class size is 16, allowing each student access to resources like digital dissection tables and 3-D printers, and instruction from MIT and Harvard-graduated teachers. Students are competing in state, national and international competitions, and taking advantage of all Mercy has to offer.


Mercy's beautiful 24-acre campus is centrally located and provides students with amazing amenities, such as on-site athletic facilities and parking, a STEM Innovation Center that inspires creativity, an achievement center for daily tutoring, a wellness center for breaks from technology, a beautiful chapel to encourage prayer, and so much more. Additionally, our building is designed with carpet in the hallways and classrooms, comfortable furniture and coffee/tea in our learning commons, to make each student feel like she is at home.


Teaching our students to be ethical adults who are accepting, empathetic and compassionate to all is an important part of our focus. By following the values of Jesus and continuing the mission of the Sisters of Mercy, we know that our students will be prepared to enter an ever-changing world with integrity and courage.