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Why Mercy?

Mercy Academy is a Catholic school that welcomes young ladies of all faith backgrounds. We believe in educating and empowering young women to be successful well beyond their four years of high school. Our performance-based curriculum provides hands-on, real-world problem solving in a nurturing and faith-filled environment. Each student is encouraged to be herself and share her unique views to contribute to classroom collaboration. Our caring teachers, state-of-the-art technology, small class sizes, beautiful campus and Christian values make Mercy a comfortable environment for each student to learn. 

Caring Teachers:

Our caring teachers are one of the many reasons students love Mercy so much. They invigorate students to challenge themselves academically and achieve their full potential. Students describe their teachers as "compassionate, friendly, connected, approachable, help" and "like they could almost be their friends."

Innovative technology:

At Mercy, students use a 1:1 iPad program, allowing for virtual learning and in-person learning to be synchronous. Students receive their iPads their freshman year and get to keep them when they graduate.This year, teachers also use Swivl Robots in order to allow students learning at home to actively participate in real-time in their classrooms.

College-Preparatory curriculum in small classes:

In a student population of 500, each student receives personalized attention to showcase her individual strengths. Our average class size is 16 students, which allows teachers to engage each student in each class. Our college-preparatory curriculum provides opportunities for students to excel in all areas of interest, including four-year STEM and fine arts programs.

24-Acre Campus:

Mercy's beautiful 24-acre campus is centrally located and has everything students need. Students enjoy all the amenities our campus has to offer, such as athletic facilities, the STEM Innovation Center, Wellness Center, chapel and more!