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Profile of a Mercy Graduate

The Value of a Mercy Education

An investment in Mercy is an investment in your student. Over the course of your student’s time at Mercy, she will grow into a confident and compassionate young woman as we challenge her to experience things outside of her comfort zone, encourage her to take risks, and allow her to be imperfect and vulnerable. Mercy will guide her in these endeavors, while also leading her to discover her own autonomy. Every experience and academic opportunity will play a pivotal role in her journey toward acquiring the core values a Mercy education strives for each student to achieve: a voice for dignity and respect, principled leadership and educational courage, while being compelled by Mercy and inspired by faith.


Compelled by Mercy

Mercy students, in the spirit of our founder Catherine McAuley, are steadfastly determined to take Mercy into an interconnected world. Our shared sense of social consciousness is fortified by universal empathy and a conviction that all are worthy of God’s mercy. This deep awareness and compassion move us to take principled action and serve the needs of others.


Educational Courage 

Mercy students welcome the challenge of pursuing their full potential in a culture of excellence, critical thinking and curiosity. Their multifaceted journey builds character while it builds essential skills. Our holistic program expects engagement, a thirst for knowledge and personal responsibility, while preparing students to thrive for a lifetime.


Inspired by Faith 

Mercy students become living models of faith and forceful advocates for Gospel values. Grounded in our Catholic identity in the Mercy tradition, we welcome all faiths and are strengthened and shaped by these relationships. As we pursue a personal relationship with God, we strenuously follow Jesus Christ’s example of social justice, love and service.


Principled Leadership

Mercy students are poised to lead with their unique gifts. Prepared with an ethical and moral compass, we put Mercy values into action and work assertively for what is right. We’re equipped to make difficult choices, learn from our mistakes and develop high emotional intelligence. As an international community, we’re confident in our ability to make a positive difference and push for systemic change.


A Voice for Dignity & Respect

Mercy students honor the intrinsic value of the individual and recognize God’s presence in each person. We embrace a global vision and value differences of opinion, and are unafraid to confront hostile or hurtful attitudes. By standing up for those who can’t, we go beyond acceptance to help make sure everyone feels recognized and heard.


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