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Why All-Girls?

Did you know that graduates of all-girls’ schools are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science and technology and three times more likely to consider engineering compared to girls who attended coed schools?

As a proud member of the International Coalition for Girls' Schools, "we believe a school for girls is better than a school with girls.

All-girls’ schools are places where girls take center stage. Girls occupy every seat in student government, every spot on the math team, and every position in the robotics club. In fact, every aspect of an all-girls’ school – from the classroom to the athletic field to the academic program – is designed for girls. By subtracting boys, an all-girls education adds opportunities for girls.

Whether a girl wants to be an astronaut, ambassador, author, or attorney, we really feel that girls need to know – not just think, but really know, deep down – that there’s nothing that can stand in their way. That’s the incredibly important message all-girls’ schools send to girls each and every day.

We believe that message, embedded in the nature of all-girls’ schools, provides powerful, relevant advantages and creates the best environments for girls to learn, grow and develop.

At their heart, all-girls’ schools are places of leadership. Places where community and collaboration, agency and self-efficacy flourish. But most of all, all-girls’ schools are places of incredible innovation.

Whether it was a school that was founded 200 years ago or 2 years ago, inevitably, it’s a school that involves trailblazing, creating spaces where teachers can challenge limits, and inspiring girls to imagine and explore possibilities that perhaps they had never considered before."

Learn more about all-girls' schools and our partnership with the National Coalition of Girls' Schools at