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Why All-Girls?

In shaping the lives of young women, an all-girls high school education offers a distinct advantage. It provides an environment tailored to the unique needs, strengths and aspirations of girls, promoting their academic, personal and social development. Within this empowering and supportive environment, girls are encouraged to explore their passions and interests freely. They can fully immerse themselves in academics, sports, arts and leadership opportunities. Girls have not just equal opportunity, but every opportunity. Wither it’s student council, the underwater research team, math honor society or an athletic team, girls fill all roles. With every facet of the school intentionally designed to empower young women, an abundance of opportunities and resources are available for your student to thrive.



Benefits of an All-Girls High School

An all-girls high school education, like that at Mercy Academy, offers a unique environment tailored to girls' needs, promoting academic, personal, and social development. Founded in 1885 by the Sisters of Mercy, the school emphasizes academic excellence, leadership development, confidence building, and lifelong friendships. With a robust curriculum and diverse opportunities, Mercy Academy empowers young women to pursue their passions, embrace their identities, and prepare for future challenges.