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Academic Levels

At Mercy, we nurture the development of each student, tailoring her educational experience to unlock her fullest potential within an environment that fosters growth aligned with her unique abilities. To accommodate diverse learning styles, we proudly offer six flexible academic course levels. With a focus on personalized learning, a student's academic level may evolve from year to year, adapting to her individual educational needs and goals.

Standard Course Levels:

Beginning freshman year, all students are placed in standard course levels for core curriculum classes based on placement test scores and teacher recommendations. Levels can change from year to year depending on a student's performance.

Independent and fast-paced curriculum that focuses on conceptualization and critical thinking skills.

Honors 1

Rigorous college-prep curriculum that challenges students considering advanced or AP coursework in the future.

Honors 2

Individualized college-prep curriculum that challenges students to meet the demands of the 21st century by focusing on analysis and problem solving.


Highly structured and individualized curriculum that emphasizes content mastery.

College Credit Course Levels:

College credit courses are elective courses that can be taken beginning a student's sophomore year. They must be approved to enroll in these courses by their academic counselor.
Advanced Placement (AP)

College-level course for students with high abilities and strong desires for challenging work.

Dual Credit (DC)

Advanced coursework that allows students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit through exposure to intellectually demanding tasks and instruction.

click here to see the full list of college credit courses