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Mercy Scholar Program

The Mercy Scholar Program was designed in 2006 as an opportunity for gifted students to continue their studies outside the classroom. The program requires students to maintain a 3.8 GPA and take a minimum of three AP classes.

Each month, students meet with a guest speaker, who is a distinguished expert in his or her field. At the end of her sophomore year, the Mercy scholar has the opportunity to choose a fully-funded, research-based independent study with the guidance of a faculty or community member. She then presents her research and 10-page thesis paper at the end of her senior year. 

Students have presented on topics such as the psychological effects of adoption, importance of ocean conservation, intersection of color and word association, the future of 3-D printing and more.

Check out the graduating Class of 2021's research projects:

Strike a Pose: Vogue by Emma Cook
Mentor: Mrs. Peavler

Limitations to Incarceration by Gabriella Veliky
Mentor: Mrs. Sims

Fighting the Stigma and Stereotypes of Schizophrenia by Jenna Kelly
Mentor: Mr. Burton

Analysis and Utilization of Imprinting Behaviors in the Common Duck by Emma Grace Hague
Mentor: Mr. Burton

The Advantageous Effects of Music on the Development of the Human Mind by Jenna Money
Mentor: Mrs. Schoenbachler

Financial Literacy: A Key to a Successful Future by Kayla Bauer
Mentor: Mrs. Glaser

The Effects of Color on Memory by Julia Lanham
Mentor: Mrs. Schoenbachler

Misrepresentation of Assistance Animals and its Effect by Sam Federspiel
Mentor: Mrs. Shanks