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STEM Program Highlights

As the nation's first all-girls certified STEM program, Mercy provides students with an unmatched educational experience inside and outside the classroom through an interdisciplinary curriculum in science, technology, engineering and math. The program exposes students to fields that most do not experience until college, preparing them for an in-demand, male-dominated STEM job market. They also participate in community partnerships and extended day opportunities.

  • Compose independent biology research projects, and travel internationally to perform experiments in the field.
  • Conduct forensic investigations, simulate infectious disease testing, and practice genetic screening with DNA equipment.
  • Create and program autonomous vehicles capable of executing hypothetical search and rescue missions.
  • Debate privacy law while designing, building and coding fully functional drones.
  • Design, develop and create 3-D-printed therapeutic toys in consultation with pediatric occupational therapists.
  • Detect and defend against cybersecurity threats in a secure environment by using a custom-designed-and-built cyber range.
  • Explore biomaterials and medical advances by replicating surgical procedures.
  • Serve as mentors in the community, teaching middle school girls about STEM principles.
  • Study next generation prosthetics using 3-D bio-printers and design software.
  • Uncover never-before-seen waterways and marine wildlife utilizing submersible robots.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) curriculum offers a four-year aviation study that leads into two career and technical education pathways: pilot and unmanned aircraft systems (drones). Students learn engineering practices, problem-solving skills and the technical developments in today’s aviation and aerospace industries.

If you have any questions, please contact our STEM Coordinator, Pat Burton.