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H.O.M.E. Event

stay tuned for our fall home date
Are you ready to discover how Mercy students learn? Look no further than our H.O.M.E. event! H.O.M.E. provides an unparalleled opportunity for prospective students and their families to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant Mercy experience, all after school hours.
During H.O.M.E., prospective students are invited to participate in mock classes from a selection of our most popular elective courses. Led by our experienced educators, these classes provide a glimpse into the dynamic and engaging learning environment at Mercy. Whether it's exploring the intricacies of art, diving into the world of aviation, or delving into the depths of literature, there's something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.
While students are captivated in their classes, parents are invited to attend an informational presentation about Mercy. This presentation covers various aspects of Mercy Academy, including academics, school culture, extracurricular activities, student support and college readiness. It's a great opportunity for parents/guardians to gain insight into what sets Mercy apart and how we prepare students for success beyond high school.
With interactive classes for students and informative sessions for parents, the H.O.M.E. event offers a comprehensive overview of life at Mercy. Whether you've been to multiple H.O.M.E. events or are interested in joining for the first time, we look forward to welcoming you to this enriching event year after year. Stay tuned for details on our next H.O.M.E. event - we can't wait to share the Mercy experience with you!