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The purpose of the liturgies at Mercy Academy is to foster the total spiritual growth of each student, to empower her to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and encourage her to act as a faithful citizen in world. This builds the social, moral and sacramental formation fostered throughout the Catholic community experience. They foster skills which not only strengthen faith, but also create powerful leaders and women of character and compassion. These skills include:

• Collaboration 
• Compassion and Service 
• Educational Excellence 
• Concern for Women and Women's Issues 
• World Vision and Responsibility 
• Spiritual Growth and Development 
• Mission Education

Students have a number of opportunities to worship God in the Catholic tradition. All students attend scheduled Masses and prayer services. They also participate in the planning of all aspects of liturgies and prayer services which include holy days, opening and closing of the school year, Catholic Schools Week, Senior Mass, Thanksgiving, Advent, Ash Wednesday and Mercy Day.