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Our retreat program provides each student with a unique opportunity to share her faith in a trusting Christian community. She enriches her awareness of God, self, family and relationships. She does this through activities, personal reflections and talks shared by alumnae and faculty.

Freshman Retreat: A Comfortable cup of tea: Discovering who you are in your transition to high school

Students participate in this day-long retreat as a part of their Freshman Activities. On this day-long retreat students reflect on their past influences and who they hope to become as a “Mercy girl”. They also learn about the heritage of Mercy. They continue to connect with their new classmates and friends.

*Students have already registered for this retreat as it is one of the days of the Freshmen Activities Week and takes place during the school day at The Lighthouse at Epiphany Church.

Sophomore Retreat: What are my superpowers?

Based on the letter from St. Paul to the Corinthians regarding spiritual gifts, students become enlightened to how their own spiritual gifts help serve a world in need. They learn that their gifts, talents, skills and passions are their God-given superpowers, and that they play a part in changing the world for the better. This retreat also include a ropes course at Mount St. Francis, IN.

*Cost is $50 

Junior Retreat: community

Students explore the home and family they have made for themselves through their valued relationships. They learn how their values are intertwined with their family of origin and their broader global family. They are given tools to aid in adult relationships, especially in regards to their parents and friends. This is an overnight retreat at Mount St. Francis, IN.

*Cost is $130 

Senior Retreat: christian awakening - Step into the daylight

Students consider their relationship with God as they think about entering into the adult world. They look at their relationship to God, challenges and obstacles of this kind of relationship, and how their relationship with God is lived out as a Woman of Mercy. This is 3 Days/2 Nights at Mount St. Francis, IN.

*Cost is $220

Please contact Jessica Vivona if you are interested with helping at retreats or the Parent Prayer Nights for all retreats.