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Our retreat program provides each student with a unique opportunity to share her faith in a trusting Christian community. She enriches her awareness of God, self, family and relationships. She does this through activities, personal reflections and talks shared by alumnae and faculty.

Freshman Retreat: A Comfortable cup of tea: Discovering who you are in your transition to high school

Students participate in retreat as a part of their Freshman Activities Days. Each freshman focuses on transitioning to high school: embracing past experiences from grade school, but readying herself to jump into the experience of high school as a Mercy girl.

*Freshman retreat is mandatory.

Sophomore Retreat: What are my superpowers?

Students focus on their gifts, skills, talents and passions. Each student focuses on how her unique gifts play a role in how she responds to the critical concerns in the world.

Junior Retreat: i hope you dance

Students explore the changes and challenges of relationships. Each junior self-reflects on her transition to young adulthood and focuses on how the relationships she has with her family and friends may grow, change and mature.

Senior Retreat: christian awakening - a new day is dawning

Students deepen their relationships with God through Christian Awakening. Each senior learns the importance of integration needed to foster authentic encounters with all of God’s creation in preparation for the next chapter of her life.

Please contact Jessica Vivona if you are interested with helping at retreats or the Parent Prayer Nights for all retreats.