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2024 BOB Winners

$25,000 Capital Prize drawing


Wheel of Chance

$2500 Travel Voucher: Mark Kupper

10 Year Pappy Van Winkle: SCOTT JACOBS

Blanton's 8-pack Complete Set: RON TARLTON

Woodford Elite Package: ERIK TARLTON

Weller Package: Paula Power

Class of 2024 Graduation Seating: Missy desmet

Class of 2025 Package: kimbra pauLley

Blackstone Grill: jessica james '06

$200 American Express Gift Card: Jennifer Bode

Dyson Hairdryer: ryan downs

$200 Kroger Gift Card (1): Cindy rich

$200 Kroger Gift Card (2): Mary baisch '69

Red Wine Basket: JESSE PAULLEY

White Wine Basket: JESSICA StURGEON '03

$250 Target Gift Card (1): mary baisch '69

$250 Target Gift Card (2): Daphne deskins '81

Lottery Basket (1): Donna kays

Lottery Basket (2):  Karl buechler

Lottery Basket (3): Beth cox

Apple Watch Series 9: Joan fries

Apple Airpods 3rd Generation: Kari Meier

Patio Heater: Tammy reid

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer: Kaitlin banta '14

$250 Amazon Gift Card (1): kara odaniel

$250 Amazon Gift Card (2): Amy lafollette '91

Nintendo Switch: ashley cronen '04

iRobot Roomba Vacuum: Carole Wastog

GE Ice Maker: Sara sills

Take a Break from the Kitchen (1): Susan herbig

Take a Break from the Kitchen (2): Jenn Phipps

Take a Break from the Kitchen (3): Jennifer Bode

$200 Lululemon Gift Card: kim drury

YETI Cooler: Julie Mcgregor '94

$200 Home Depot Gift Card: Wanda Ice '75

$200 Meijer Gift Card: christiane schroll '89

Kingsley's Meat Package (1): Brandy sanderfer

Kingsley's Meat Package (2): jeffrey herm

Solo Stove: Peggy Fawcett

$200 Capital Grill Gift Card: linnette hodges

Dyson Cordless Vacuum: Ann Kupper

$150 TJ Maxx Gift Card: Martha connors

Stock the Bar: Matthew Andres

Woodford Reserve Package: Jenn Phipps

Bluegrass Bourbon Basket: Lindsey Henley '03

Buffalo Trace Multi Pack: Kari Miller '03

$5 Raffle Baskets

Bourbon Basket: Delores Boyle

Date Night: Maricris Roalofs

Kate Spade Bundle: Joan Walker

Lottery: Amber Napier '04

Wine Time: Phyllis Johnson