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2023 BOB Winners

$25,000 Capital Prize drawing

Laura Cline '77

Wheel of Chance

$150 TJ Maxx Gift Card: Carolyn Barnett

$200 Capital Grill Gift Card: Juanita Blevens

$200 Home Depot Gift Card: Brenda Hillenbrand

$200 Kroger Gift Card (1): Brenda Hillenbrand

$200 Kroger Gift Card (2): Janet Noon

$200 Meijer Gift Card (1): Daphne Deskins

$200 Meijer Gift Card (2): Mary Baisch '69

$200 Ruth's Chris Gift Card: Sherry Milliner

$250 Gift Card (1): Cynthia Smith-Ough

$250 Gift Card (2): Lizbeth Metzger-Brumleve '84

$250 Target Gift Card (1): Lisa Diane O'Connor

$250 Target Gift Card (2): Stephanie Bratcher '79

2023 Graduation Seating: Tina eith

Angel's Envy Cider Cask Rye: James Amundson

Apple Airpods 3rd Generation: Leanne Dueffert '00

Apple Watch Series 8: CARRIE ISING

Blanton's Complete Collection: Todd Lamon

Bluegrass Bourbon Basket: Mark Cummins

Buffalo Trace Elite Set: Tom McGraw

Buffalo Trace Multi Pack: Pam Mundt '82

Class of 2024 Package: Tammy McDill

Class of 2025 Package: fran mitchum

Dyson Vacuum: Lori Spalding '80

Four Gate Bourbon: Mark Kupper

GE Ice Maker: Emily Madden '11

Grandparent's Day Package: Debbie Raymond

Heaven Hill Bourbon Basket: Debbie Raymond

iRobot Roomba: erica Dumeyer '06

Kingsley's Meat Package (1): Mark Kupper

Kingsley's Meat Package (2): Rosemary haydock

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer: Stacie hartledge

Lottery Basket (1): Suzanne Ising '67

Lottery Basket (2): Dennis Ford

Lottery Basket (3): Laura Cline '77

Marco Island Stay: Missy Tarter

Nintendo Switch: Emily Wargel '92

Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 25 Year: karen kiesel

Outdoor Projector Kit: pat hoffman

Red Wine Basket: lillian kramer

Stainless Steel Patio Heater: Jennifer Johnson

Solo Stove Bonfire: amy muth '84

Stock the Bar: Colleen Walker

Take a Break from the Kitchen (1): William Tompkins

Take a Break from the Kitchen (2): julia Farese '59

Take a Break from the Kitchen (3): Peggy Key '76

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets: sarah flowers

Theatre Date Night: Laura Coleman

White Wine Basket: deborah wayne

Woodford Reserve Package: Johanna Wheatley '86

YETI Backpack Cooler: Stacie hartledge

$5 Raffle Baskets

Bourbon Lovers: Donna Blackthorn

Date Night: Amanda Degrella

Dining Out: Jessica Wimsatt '10

Kate Spade: Kari Meier

Lottery: Andrea Mattingly '12

Outdoor Projector: lauren degeorge '06

Taste of Havana: Robin Lapsley

Time to Wine: Kevin Kramer