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iPad Program Information

Students at Mercy Academy receive iPads when they enter as freshmen. Students are responsible for keeping a case on their iPads at all times. The Class of 2023 will receive the 9.7-inch Wifi iPad, 128 GB.

Suggested cases for the 9.7 inch iPad (Class of 2022 & Class of 2023)


Finite Case Folio Cover with pocket

Logitech Rugged Combo 2 (available only via pre-order through Mrs. DeGrella before June 26)

DUNNO Heavy Duty Full Body Rugged Protective Case

Suggested cases for 10.5 inch iPad (Class of 2021)

Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard Case for 10.5 inch iPad Pro

Supcase Rugged Protective Case

Belk Leather Folio Case

Apple ID

  • Your daughter needs to have an Apple ID to download her apps and books.
  • Please ensure your daughter has this information at JagLife 101 in August.
  • You are welcome to use an existing Apple ID, and sisters can share an Apple ID.
  • If you do not have one, please sign up for free at appleid.apple.com
  • Textbooks on the iPad

  • Please see booklist to determine books that need to be purchased and downloaded after the iPad is received at JagLife 101. On the Book List for 2019-20, several courses require ebooks. These can be purchased through MBS Online Bookstore, directly through iTunes or through the publisher (please see the book list to determine appropriate method). Directions for downloading books purchased through MBS will be sent to the email address used to purchase the books.
  • Any questions not answered below can be directed to Mercy’s Educational Technology Specialist, Amanda DeGrella, at adegrella@mercyjaguars.com.

    Mercy iPad FAQ

    What will the iPad cost?

    These examples are based on Apple’s current education pricing and may fluctuate. Total expected cost is $480 for the iPad and AppleCare insurance. A deposit of $100 is due at time of registration for the 2019-2020 school year with the remainder to be added into the tuition payment plan.

    As with our tuition, there is no interest charged for the iPad, regardless of how you pay.

    Tuition Payment Plan

    Payment Amount

    Payment Due

    1 Payment



    3 Payments


    July, October, February

    11 Payments


    Monthly, July-April

    What model of iPad will my student receive?

    For the 2019-2020 school year, students receive the 9.7-inch iPad, Wi-Fi only with 128 GB storage, Space Grey.

    If a student already owns an iPad, do they have to buy one from Mercy?

    Yes. By purchasing the iPad from the school it allows us several benefits:

    AppleCare+ allows for up to two replacements for accidental damage.

    Schools can purchase apps in bulk for half the price you can get it in the App Store.

    Mercy can monitor and maintain your iPad through a Mobile Device Management system. It allows the teachers to send class resources to the students and the Mercy Technology Department to send apps directly to a student’s iPad.

    May teachers require students to purchase apps for their class?

    Teachers have a review process before adopting an app for a particular class. Emphasis will be on apps that can be used over multiple classes and free apps will be used whenever possible. Most paid apps will be purchased in bulk at a reduced cost and send to a student’s iPad through the Mobile Device Management System at no additional cost to students. The apps that students must purchase will be very minimal.

    When will students receive their iPads?

    Students will receive their iPad during iPad orientation in August. Parents and students will need to sign an acceptable use policy before taking it home.

    Do I have to have WiFi at home for the iPad to work?

    Many features of the iPad will work without WiFi, for example, the Algebra 1 and Biology books. Students will need access to WiFi to turn in assignments on Schoology.

    How will Mercy monitor and control the devices?

    Mercy has a Mobile Device Management system that will allow the school to install apps, as well as maintain certain settings and disable features that students will not need. The Internet while at school will be monitored and certain categories of websites will be blocked while at school. Teachers also use Apple Classroom to monitor day-to-day activities in the classroom.

    While at home, how should parents monitor and control internet access and device?

    Parents should monitor the student’s use while at home. The internet blocks in place at school do not carry over to your home wireless network. Please monitor your daughter’s use while at home.

    Do I need an iTunes account? May students load apps they want for personal use?

    Each student will be required to set up their own Apple ID. They will use this to enable iCloud and the “Find my iPad” feature in case it is lost or stolen. Students should also backup their iPad to iCloud. Students may download limited numbers of personal apps as long as they do not interfere with educational material needed. All apps needed for school should be easily accessible on the first few screens.

    Can students put their own music and movies on the iPad?

    Yes. Students may load their own media to the iPad as long as it doesn’t interfere with the educational material. This media should be limited and not fill the storage of the iPad. If an educational app or textbook is needed, the student may have to delete personal media from the iPad in order to install it

    How do I print from the iPad?

    At school, students will need minimal printing due to the digital sharing of files between students and teachers. There are printers in the Learning Commons and Study room accessible to students. iPads can only print from certain AirPrint capable printers. Printing will not be expected or required at home.

    What does the warranty and insurance cover?

    AppleCare+ covers all non-functioning iPads and cables for two years. It also covers accidental damage (up to two incidents) at a charge of $49 each incident, for two years.

    What if my iPad isn’t working properly or accidentally broken?

    If a student’s iPad isn’t working, she should bring it to the Technology Office, located in the Learning Commons, for evaluation. In many cases the problem can be solved here at school. If not, students and parents can take the iPad to the Apple Store for replacement. Apple uses the serial number on the iPad to verify the warranty and no documentation is needed from Mercy to use the warranty. Defective devices are replaced without charge and you are allowed up to two replacements for accidental damage at a cost of $49 each incident during the warranty period.

    Will the data be lost if my iPad needs to be replaced?

    No, as long as students keep the suggested settings. With iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox, the students are taught how to backup their device and store documents to access from any iPad or computer. It is suggested to purchase additional iCloud storage for $0.99 per month.

    What should I do if my iPad is lost or stolen?

    Students should notify Mercy’s Educational Technology Specialist, Amanda DeGrella, immediately. We will use the “Find my iPad” feature in an attempt to recover it. Replacement of the device will be the responsibility of the parents, however, many homeowners policies will cover a stolen iPad.

    Will we need to purchase additional accessories with the iPad?

    Students must keep their iPad in a protective case. Many students choose cases that have keyboards attached, but this is not required. There are some keyboards available for student use in the Learning Commons. An Apple Pencil or other stylus is optional, although most students choose to purchase one.

  • iPads are only compatible with Apple Pencil 1st Generation
  • Will the student be able to use electronic books in place of regular textbooks?

    In some courses, Mercy has adopted the use of electronic books. As new electronic books enter the market, we will evaluate the use in each course. We strive to use the best educational materials possible for each course whether they are paper or electronic.

    Will students still use computers?

    Students need to be comfortable using whatever piece of technology is accessible to them. For this reason, we will still use Macs and PCs in some courses and computers will still be available on a limited basis for students to use during Study.

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