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House System

Welcome to Mercy's House System!

When a student comes into Mercy, she joins a class of young women her age who experience and learn the Mercy traditions alongside of her. These classmates play an integral role in her time at Mercy, but we also know that nurturing relationships across the entire student-body and with faculty and staff members is equally as important for experiencing Mercy to its fullest. 

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 15-60 minutes is dedicated for house time. During this time, students gather with their houses to complete various activities that fall under one of four identified categories: education, competition, student business or wellness. House time helps students build relationships, school spirit and community, while maintaining Mercy’s long history of traditions. 

Each house consists of randomly placed freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, faculty and staff members and is named after a strong force in our foundress, Catherine McAuley’s, life.

Six Houses. One Community. We are Mercy Academy.

Callaghan – named for the Callaghan family who gave Catherine McAuley a place to live when she was an orphan. In their will, they left Catherine the resources to eventually purchase the first House of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland.

Doyle – named for Elizabeth Ann Doyle, Catherine’s first companion. Alongside Catherine and one other friend, Elizabeth Ann Doyle helped in the foundation of the Sisters of Mercy in 1831.

Ignatius – named for Mother Ignatius Walker, who, along with five companions, brought the community of the Sisters of Mercy to Louisville in 1869. She operated the U.S. Marine Hospital and St. Catherine’s Academy: now known as the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.

McLaughlin – named for Mother Columba McLaughlin, the first head of school for the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy. She was also Mother Superior of the Louisville community.

Siena – named for St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), from whom Catherine McAuley received her name. The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy was originally known as St. Catherine’s Academy, named for St. Catherine of Siena.

Warde – named for Mother Frances Warde, Catherine’s closest companion. Frances Warde, along with six companions, brought the Sisters of Mercy to the United States in 1843.