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Cafeteria & Lunch Menu

Lunch at Mercy is an important event each day. Our talented team of culinary wonder women create a unique menu each day. Students have their choice of items from our dinner entree bar, weekly theme bar, extensive salad bar and the popular sandwich bar.

While healthy options are aplenty, it is okay to finish your meal with an ice cream from our freezer or one of our famous Mercy chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

End of Year Reminders

With the school year coming to an end, it is important to watch your student's cafeteria balance. Starting Monday, May 13, students will not be able to charge lunch in the cafeteria if there are insufficient funds in their account.

Please ensure any outstanding balances are settled by Thursday, May 16. If you currently have automatic draft enabled, please go into your Lunchtime account and turn that feature off before the end of the year.

Since lunch will be included for all students next year, we will refund any lunch balance over $10 at the end of the school year via check. 



As part of the LunchTime suite of software, School Payment Portal is offered as a safe, secure and convenient way for parents or guardians of students to manage school payments. You will have the opportunity to track purchases, create reminders and set up automatic payments. The automatic payment portion is ready for you to set up your account and view their daily transactions. 

Below is a guide to setting up your student's account. If you do not want to pay online and would like to continue sending in money with your student, you still need to create a user name and password to track your student's purchases and see how much money is on the account.

Any questions or concerns with a student's account should be directed to our Food Service Manager, Laura Coleman.

To set up your account you can visit

  • Enter parent information in all fields and create a password
  • Click on LOGIN PAGE, this will take you to the HOME PAGE (Parent Portal SignIn)
  • Enter your email address and password you just created and sign in
  • Click on ADD STUDENT
  • Enter the zip code of school (40228) in the field for zip code, then click CONTINUE
  • Click SELECT next to MERCY ACADEMY
  • Enter your student's last name, first name, and student ID number (located on Powerschool or on her Student ID) then click CONTINUE
  • From here you can view your student's account to see her balance and what she has purchased or add funds to your student's account

Fee Structure

  • Credit Card Payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) 2.3% + $1.00 per transaction

Parent/Guardian Deposits $50 Credit Card Payment: The parent/guardian would be charged $50 as well as a $2.15 convenience fee paid to cover the fee processing expenses.